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Jordan’s Mosaica Singers won Choir of the Year award in ChoirFest Middle East 2019 which was recently held in Dubai for the seventh consecutive year. Mosaica Singers competed with a number of impressive choirs from the Middle East, and was favored by the judging panel that praised the choir’s performance, its harmony, vocal techniques, song selection, the number of languages used (including Spanish, Italian and Swahili) and the harmonious energy amongst choir members on stage. The judging panel included Ragnar Rasmussen, professor of choir conducting at the Music Conservatory in Norway, the Italian composer, conductor and violinist Lorenzo Donati and singer, composer Frank Havrøy from Norway.

Upon receiving the award, Nedy Muna, Mosaica Singers’ general manager and conductor, said: “It is such a privilege for us as a cultural institute to have this opportunity to put Jordan’s name on the map of choral singing in a prestigious competition of this caliber, by winning Choir of the Year 2019 award and receiving praise from the panel.” Nedy Muna added that the reason behind the choir’s win is the fact that the choir values individuality and individual efforts that come together to sing as one voice that enriches people’s lives, unites them and nurtures their soul through the power of music.


Choir Fest Middle East, which started in 2013 to bring forth the region’s best choirs in musical capabilities and singing techniques, ran for a span of two weeks of intensive workshops and masterclasses by specialized professors in choral music. The annual event concludes by announcing the winner of the first place prize, the Choir of the Year award, the title that went to Mosaica Singers this year.

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