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Mosaica enriches lives through the power of music to inspire, unite, and nurture people

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Mosaica Academy's registration is now open.

Exquisite pieces of unheard narratives longing to shine together in perfect harmony 


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Mosaica carries a mission of uniting the world in its diversity through their musical performances. The group can be viewed as a catalyst of change in the world of music, particularly as an Arab choir who is widely exposed to the universal language of music. Their performances carry their Arab identity, and yet are also characterized as being universal in their approach to entertainment that is purposeful, aesthetic, and appreciative of world cultures.

Great event... Very professional and up to standard...... Great way to spend 2 full hours...... إبداع ابداع

Not to be missed!!!

At the heart of Mosaica is a commitment towards diversity in all its forms through music and song, this brilliant Choir embodies the will of the young Jordanian artists to pave way for art as a courageous bold space for the voices of the many who uplift , inspire and carry Jordan’s Message of love to the world.

Senator Haifa Najjar

Alaa Al-Hindi

Samar Dudin



We're always looking for new members. Send us a message and we will contact you when we hold our next auditions.

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