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Mosaica Singers is an award-winning choral group that aims to enrich lives through choral music, by uniting people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, ages and both professional and musical experiences, through their love of music. Just as a mosaic takes different pieces of colored glass or stone to create a work of art, so does Mosaica, bringing together diverse people to create a beautiful sound.


We offer members a welcoming environment for musical and personal growth, as well as the privilege of being part of the creation of high-quality musical performances. As part of our mission, we expose members to different kinds of choral music, helping to expand their musical and cultural horizons.


Our objectives extend to our community, as we are dedicated to the growth and enrichment of the cultural scene in Jordan, particularly influencing future generations and instilling the love of music in them.




"I have the privilege of working with passionate individuals who invest not just their time and talent, but their very self into our music. Witnessing our members’ personal and musical growth is truly inspiring. But nothing compares to that magical moment on stage, right before we are about to begin, when we all take one collective breath, and then as one, we sing."

"There is tremendous beauty, energy, and potential when a group comes together to do something they are all passionate about! Mosaica Singers is about that power of togetherness. We created Mosaica Singers to offer an environment where people can grow amid mutual respect, encouragement, and trust. A family that celebrates both what makes us unique as well as what unites us!"

"Creative expression for me, and for many others, is quite simply a survival tool. It is a breathing space where I can grow, be free, understand myself, as well as others. My two favorite art forms have always been design and singing, and with Mosaica Singers I can explore both! Our work is not about the individual, but about the beauty we create when we work together."



Co-Founder &

Musical Director


Co-Founder &

Operations Director


Co-Founder &

Creative Director



We offer our partners the opportunity to be a part of performances of high quality, with exposure to hundreds of audience members through both performances and social media.

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